When Morphology Matters


Advanced soft matter and polymers make state-of-the-art technologies and products possible: you find them in batteries, fuel cells, solar panels and windmills, in your phones and TVs, and in your cars and bikes, to name but a few. The performance of these modern materials strongly depends on their morphology, i.e. their nano-and micro-organization, which connects processing conditions with physical product properties.

Soft matter and polymers

What is MORPHYS?

MORPHYS has outstanding knowledge on characterizing and interpreting the morphology of soft matter and polymers. This knowledge can be applied for better understanding the influence of processing conditions on morphology and physical product properties. Ultimately, MORPHYS will support the creation of insights on the so-called structure-property relations and help finding pathways towards high-performance materials and products.

MORPHYS advices and offers support for:

  • Problem analysis and failure analysis
  • Strategy, approach, and project definition
  • Project management and project team guidance
  • Data interpretation
  • High-resolution microscopy-based methodology development
  • Coaching and training on the above-mentioned topics

Potential customers for MORPHYS are:

  • Research Institutes¬†
  • Polymer producing and product manufacturing enterprises, Tier 1 users of polymer products
  • Soft matter and polymer characterizing enterprises and institutions¬†
  • Biopolymer, food, nutrition, and drug producing and processing enterprises


When Morphology Matters


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